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Cracking a good real estate deal is all about negotiating and getting on the best price. However, sellers are always in search of the highest price, whereas buyers are in the hunt for the best deals. Thus, it is essential to get to somewhere in the middle for the deal to close. Here are twelve proven ways to crack the best Utah real estate deal.


Buyers and sellers both will try negotiating the prices from their ends to get the maximum profit. The seller will try selling the st George Utah real estate at the highest possible price, whereas the buyer will try to pay the least amount. Thus, the closing amount usually lies somewhere in between. When negotiating, be prepared for the discrepancies and try making an offer that makes sense for the seller’s financial plan as well. 

Closing costs

For a Utah real estate for sale, you should be up for paying the prepaid closing costs for your mortgage, which the lender holds for expenses like insurance and taxes. However, you can also ask the seller to pay you a flat dollar amount towards the closing costs. This contribution can be up to three percent of the mortgage amount.

Closing date

You should negotiate for speed to get your capital out of the st George real estate fast. Once you own the home, the closing dates will affect your monthly cash flow. Keep in mind that when you close on the house, you skip the upcoming month’s mortgage payment. So, try closing at the beginning of a month. 

Financing contingencies

Most buyers make transactions in cash, which persuades sellers not to tie up their saint George Utah real estate for a month or two. However, that is what is required when there is a financing contingency. If you want to compete with all-cash offers, make sure you figure out if you can drop the financing contingency that reduces the closing timeline. You can do this by getting your mortgage fully approved before making your offer. This way, you can show that all your finances are to afford the property.

Home warranty

Sellers usually offer a home warranty that covers the home appliances, such as water heaters and air conditioners. However, if the seller does not give any such protection, be sure to ask for it so that you do not have to fund the repairs if these things stop working or get damaged. 


Selling a saint George real estate and immediately moving into a new one can be a cumbersome, stressful, and tedious process for the sellers. Thus, if your seller needs some time to get into their new house, you can [and should] offer zero-cost rent-back for one to three months. This way, you will entice the seller to entertain your offer over others; therefore, increasing your chances to crack the deal. Be mindful that providing peace of mind is a highly valuable negotiating factor. 

Home repairs

If a home needs a lot of repairs or updating, you have a lot of room for negotiation. If the property is out of date with appliances not working properly, broken windows, and damaged ceilings, you can ask for a lower price as per the cost required to bring to home back to the modern standards. To find such deals, look for sellers that are selling their homes “as is” and have specified that they will not be making any repairs. 


Furniture can be a valuable asset and can elevate the overall cost of a property. But, most sellers prefer selling it along with the house to avoid the further headache of selling the furniture separately. Thus, you can offer to purchase all the furniture as well, and then negotiate accordingly to get the best deal.


Some built-in appliances such as dishwasher, stove, and microwave might come with the property, but dyers, refrigerators, and heaters generally do not. In some cases, sellers might not be willing to sell it all collectively. Make sure you figure out the seller’s mindset to offer effective offers.


Take your time to inspect the property thoroughly. Buyers might try shortening the time frame for inspection from ten to five days, but make sure you are entirely sure before making an offer.

Communication is essential

To increase the chances of your deal to close, make sure you are clear with what you communicate. Make sure you are putting out the right points and queries and listening to the seller’s needs and issues properly.

Think from the seller’s perspective too

Although you want to purchase real estate and make money, you need to understand that the seller wants to do the same. Thus, try thinking from the seller’s perspective as well and make offers that are beneficial to both.


Purchasing st George Utah real estate for sale can be confusing and challenging. Follow the above tips to crack the best deal.

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