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Are you interested in getting the best deals on new homes for sale in St. George, Utah? Buying a new home is a financially involving process. Therefore, an opportunity to save money on homes for sale in Utah can be a golden chance. There are different approaches to help you save money when buying new homes for sale in Saint George, Utah. This post highlights essential tips to help you save money on new home purchases. Keep reading to discover.

1.  Hire an Experienced Realtor

You will be surprised how much you could save if you hired a local buyer’s agent. Virtually, the buyer’s agent understands the local market, making it easier and convenient for homebuyers to discover top deals on real estate. Besides, the realtors understand the local market, hence point out the ideal options readily available to the homebuyer.  This reduces the time taken searching for the best homes on sale in Utah. Ultimately, the homebuyer saves the searching costs, as less travel is involved, while allowing the buyer to focus on other revenue-generating activities.   

2.  Get Mortgage Preapproval From Multiple Lenders

Seeking multiple mortgage preapproval letters gives you a chance to compare the interest rates and other charges. Therefore, you have an opportunity to go for the most affordable mortgage. Ideally, mortgage lenders charge different interest rates on loans. Therefore, do not assume that the mortgage industry offers a uniform lending rate on loans. Just make sure that you come up with an interest rate comparison chart, and do not forget to factor in the other mortgage costs.

3.  Ensure Timely Mortgage Repayment

One of the factors that will most likely lead to an expensive cost of buying new homes for sale in St. George, Utah, is making late mortgage repayments. Therefore, we advise that you ensure timely mortgage repayments to avoid being charged an additional percentage in penalties. If you are late on repayments or probably undergoing a challenging period like in the case of a pandemic affecting your business, you might consider loan modification through different programs. Depending on the program, you could qualify for a reduced interest rate or a waiver of penalties, ensuring you save more money.

4.  Consider Home Buying Programs

The total cost of buying a property will also depend on the loan option that you choose. For instance, different government-sponsored home loans allow you to save a considerable percentage of interest. The federal government initiated the home buying programs to allow more Americans to access affordable housing schemes. Therefore, home buying programs provide cheaper loans and much friendlier loan repayment programs. In that regard, before you start choosing the mortgage program, research the available options to find out how each one of them allows you to save more money.

5.  Cutting Out on Private Mortgage Insurance

When it comes to Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI), every homebuyer is looking for alternatives to avoid paying it. This is because the PMI is not cheap, and it adds to the total monthly cost of a mortgage. Therefore, figure ways you can avoid paying the PMI. This begins with understanding why the homebuyer may be stuck with the PMI in the first place. Consequently, you may opt for the second mortgage to enjoy the lower initial mortgage expenses than paying the PMI. Bear in mind that once the PMI has been eliminated from the stand-alone first mortgage, the monthly payments you owe shall be less than the combined payments on the first and the second mortgage. Talk to an experienced mortgage broker for alternatives that allow you to avoid the PMI altogether. That way, you have an excellent opportunity to save when buying a home.

6.  Buy a Less Expensive Home

Another excellent opportunity for you to save money on your new home is buying a less expensive property. Ideally, this means a less 20% downpayment investment and a few months to repay the property. Eventually, the total interest paid to your mortgage is lower than when you invest in expensive property. Besides the lower direct loan costs, you get an opportunity to save money on property taxes and insurance. This is because the property costs less, and so the property tax and cost of insurance remain low and affordable. Besides the value of property insurance and property taxes, you save money on maintenance and utilities.

7.  Mortgage Refinancing

Think about your ultimate goal to find out whether mortgage refinancing allows you to save when buying second homes for sale in St. George, Utah. Do you need just lower payments, or you want to lower the long-term property costs?


When looking for the best ways to save on Saint George homes for sale, we advise you to be careful about loan costs. Ideally, lookout for surprise costs that may affect the overall cost of owning the property. Apart from the mortgage costs, you may be required to pay the mortgage appraisal costs, the recording fees, and the property taxes, all of which together make the value of property ownership expensive.

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