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As the first day of Autumn was on Sunday the 22nd, its a great time to get the house ready for the cooler weather, and take care of the home before winter. There are several things that can be done around the house to help make the transition into the cold a little smoother.
A few common tips that are important include: All over home cleaning, yard maintenance, then into deeper cleaning such as gutters and clearing out leaves, raking, filling gaps between windows and doors, or changing out screens for storm windows. Make sure the roof has no leaks and is ready for the storm.  Bring in and store the seasonal outdoor furniture, and put away flower pots.  Another thing that can help is turning your ceiling fan to a clockwise direction, to help keep the heated air in the home. Changing furnace filters is important, or sweeping the chimney. Turn off faucets, and roll up the hoses. Wrapping pipes before they freeze is also a good idea, and check the alarms and locate the fire extinguisher if you have one & make sure it works.
Getting these things done and being prepared ahead of time will help save on future emergency repairs,  prepare you and your home for the season, and leave you with plenty of time to enjoy yourself, family and friends as the holidays are rolling in fast!

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