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Buying a house is a dream for every individual and rightfully so. But, when you go for a real estate purchase, it is all about finding a great deal. Thus, whether you are looking for a ‘ready to move in’ property or an investment, here are a few essential tips to keep in mind when looking for the best St. George homes for sale. 

Look for a bank-foreclosed property

If someone fails to pay the mortgage payment for the property, the lender will eventually remove the occupants and put out the home for sale on the market. Although the foreclosure process is unfortunate, after the deed, such properties can be some of the greatest deals you will ever find. Banks prefer to be more into lending money than managing properties; thus, they will be quick to get rid of the real estate by offering heavy discounts. 

All in all, you can make huge profits on foreclosed properties, but you should know how to pick the right foreclosures. Moreover, foreclosure processes can be extremely lengthy and can take up to several years and might require some hefty repairs. Further discounts can be given to compensate for these expenses if you are brave enough to facilitate rehab. 

To get started, get in touch with one of your local real estate agent and start checking out some foreclosures in your area. 

Either be the first or the last

There is an old saying about real estate that holds true in this context: “The early bird gets the deal.” In most cases, lenders are in a hurry to sell the property and do not prefer waiting for the highest bid. Instead, they accept the first bid. Therefore, if you are looking for the best deals, be quick about your actions. Seek a pre-approval from a bank and get ready to jump on properties right away. Make sure you have set up your real estate agent to set you automatic alerts for newly listed properties, and once you find a good deal, do not delay — check it out and make an offer as soon as possible. 

On the other hand, you can also find excellent deals by looking for properties that have been unsold for a long time. The owners of such properties are desperate to get rid of their properties and will not hesitate to offer massive discounts. Thus, try looking for old properties and make wise offers to get great deals on homes in St George Utah.

Try approaching absentee owners directly

The real estate market is booming, and more and more people are getting into real estate investment. Great deals can be difficult to find as a large number of people are looking for homes, and in some areas, a property might get more than a dozen offers. To have an edge, try ditching your multiple listing service and contact the property owners directly and ask them to consider selling. Property owners will be a benefit if they can sell their home directly without listing with a real estate agent, so why not reach out to them beforehand?

An excellent way to find such lenders is by looking for absentee owners, i.e., people who own a property but do not live there. Finding the contact information of these people can be easy. You can simply visit empty houses and look for any contact boards with owner information. Else, you can visit websites like ListSource and Craiglist for finding potential sellers. 

Look for volume

Keep in mind that finding good deals is a numbers game — the more you search, the more you find. In the beginning, you might get flooded with numerous leads, but in the end, only a few might come out. Thus, if you want more deals, in the end, you will need to not only focus on the quality but the quantity of the leads as well. 

For example, if you get 200 raw leads from your agent, 100 of them will be in the right location, and on further analysis, you will discover that only ten of them show promise. You might make an offer on eight of them, get a response on three, and only one of them may get accepted at the end. Although these numbers might not hold true with everyone, they give a general idea that to get a successful deal, you might need to hover over more than a couple of hundred leads.


Whether you are in search of a home to live or an investment property, it is essential to make money when you buy. And, if you are looking to build wealth with your investment, you will need to find great real estate deals. Do not be afraid of experimenting, and look for multiple options across different domains to get in touch with the best home builders in St George Utah.

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