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Buying houses is becoming more difficult every day with the prices rising continually. If you want to buy an inexpensive house in St. George, Utah, you do have options. Here are some helpful hacks to getting yourself an affordable home in the St. George area.

1. Strike While The Iron Is Still Hot

Trying to anticipate the housing market is next to impossible especially in prime areas where the value of land keeps appreciating. The best time to buy a house in St. George is right when you find what matches your preferences. Don’t miss out while waiting. Go with your gut! 

2. Ask Around The Neighbourhood

Homes for sale in St. George are readily available and most buyers have a wide variety to choose from. Checkout many properties and compare the buying options. Similarly, you can politely ask neighbors living around if they know someone preparing their house to list for sale. In case you are lucky you can end up getting a better deal if you work directly with the owner.

3. Be Flexible With Your List Of Preferences

If you are working with a tight budget, keep your list of preferences short and sweet. You might not be able to get everything on your wish-list. To get a more affordable house in St. George, eliminate some of your items that you could purchase down the road or that you can fix them by yourself. You can always upgrade your home later. 

4. Go For New And Upcoming Housing Developments

New home developers tend to offer great home deals for the first few phases of a development. Typically the first round of buyers will get a discounted purchase price. Even better, you can buy a inexpensive house in St. George when you put a down payment on a developer’s house which has not been completed yet. It is a way of investing in the business and so you get some discount on the purchase as a part of your returns on the investment.

5. Consider Foreclosure

Often foreclosures are a great deal but an inexpensive foreclosure might have additional costs you may want to consider. It might be a house that requires lots of repairs which can drive up the overall cost of the home. For this reason, buying the house directly from a bank could be a better way to go. 

6. Look Out For Off-Market House Plans

Off-market properties are those that never made it to the multiple listings service for various reasons. Dig up deep for tax liens, even those that are not available on the internet so you have to physically go to the courthouse. They are accessible to the public anyway. Those behind on their taxes are most likely willing to dispose of that house which you can buy cheaply. Also, look for houses in distress. They obviously require you to put in a bit of work in them to make them an inhabitable home or more importantly to increase their value for resale, a really good way of investment. This enables you to buy a house very cheaply, put a ton of work into it but then reap big from the resale to earn more and get your dream house.

7. Don’t Always Go Big

“Big is not always better’’ is considered an important saying when buying a home. While big houses are often attractive, when their practicality is not fully explored then they are simply a waste of resources because they are, firstly, expensive. Secondly, it is a waste of space when it sits almost empty and even ceases to look attractive in that state. Moreover, filling that space means more spending. Double tragedy! If you don’t really need the extra space, save that money and buy a smaller, cheaper house but one that still satisfies all your needs.

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