Why use our approved lenders

Are you looking for real estate financing in St. George, Southern Utah? Maybe you’ve found a home but not sure what the next step is for financing your brand new home. This is where our approved lenders comes in. There are many reasons why they are our approved home financing lenders. 

Closing Costs

When you close with our approved mortgage lenders for your home financing needs in St. George Utah, we will make a contribution towards your closing costs.

Get the Service You Deserve

Our approved new home financing mortgage lenders go above and beyond for each of our clients that are looking for real estate financing in St. George, Southern Utah. You will be choosing a mortgage team who has years of experience and hundreds of loans behind them. You’ll have expertise and an advocate working for you instead of just an order-taker or online program that isn’t personally invested in seeing you in your new home.

Smooth Process

Our appproved lenders are very familiar with the Red Rock Real Estate home purchasing process. They will make your home financing and mortgage experience as smooth as possible, so you feel less stress throughout and can sit back and relax.

* The Approved Lender Discount may not be used in conjunction with any other offer or incentive. The Approved Lender discount may change or be discontinued at any time without notice.