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When it comes to the sale value of St. George Homes, several things are taken into account. However, of concern to a majority of homebuyers is how much property developers markup their price in St. George Utah? Well, the obvious reason to invest in real estate is to make money from the sale or lease of properties. Therefore, it is obvious that the property developers will not sell at the cost of building a property. To earn a profit and keep the business growing, the property developers will markup their prices. But by what percentage will property developers markup property prices? 

Well, one can arguably state that the amount depends on how much the property buyer is willing to make from the sale of that property. The overall price of homes in St, George Utah will depend on a number of factors. These factors can be categorized as micro factors and we also have macro factors.

Let us go through the factors determining the price at which homebuilders in St. George Utah list their properties.

1. The Location of the Property

One of the top factors determining the price of homes in St. George Utah is the location of the property in question. Different things can be taken into account when considering the location of a property. We have the following indicators going into account in determining how attractive a location could be to property buyers.

  • The quality of local schools is one of the frequent factors. This is especially for families with children who have attained the school-going The demand for such homes located close to schools will drive the prices for these homes high.
  • Proximity to Local Employment Opportunities: For most employed new home buyers, they prefer homes located near the places of work. The owners of properties located next to an industrial area will enjoy higher prices.
  • Proximity to Recreational Centers is also valued by the younger generation looking to purchase a home.

These factors, among others, count when determining the value of homes in St. George Utah. Consider that homebuyers will prefer homes located in close proximity to schools, entertainment places, and employment opportunities.

2. Property Upgrades and Updates

Homebuyers prefer move-in ready properties. A majority will be willing to pay premium prices for properties ready to occupy compared to properties where upgrades will be required. In fact, this is the reason why new construction homes in st. George Utah will cost more compared to older properties for which renovation is required before a buyer moves in.

3. The Age and Condition of a Property

Typically, new construction St. George homes will go for a higher amount. This is based on the fact that most features including plumbing, electrical, roofing, and appliances are the latest models. Moreover, the cost of maintenance is lower since most of the appliances, roofing, plumbing, and electrical fixtures are brand new requiring minimal maintenance. Homebuyers should expect to pay higher prices on newly built homes compared to pre-occupied homes where the plumbing and electrical fixtures are older and outdated.

4. The Local Market

Factors like the number of buyers, availability of other properties within an area will determine by how much the homebuilders in St. George Utah sell the properties. For instance, if there are several buyers who are competing for fewer homes, expect that the homebuilders can add any amount as markup as they know the property is already in demand. The opposite is true. If the property does not seem to attract buyers and there are many homes in that area, the amount that the property owner can add will be limited as he or she tries to push the property.

5. The Economic Factors

The broader economy impacts the ability to sell a property. In that regard, when the economy is struggling, the buyer’s ability is low and so the negotiating power is higher. The property seller will try as much to lower the value of the property so as to favor the buyers who are still willing to purchase amid the poor economic times.

When the economy is vibrant and homebuyers have a higher buying ability, the property seller will enjoy a high demand, so long as the property meets the buyer’s requirements.


Now you know the factors that influence the amount that property builders can markup when selling their properties. The bottom line is that a property that is within a prime location enjoys a higher demand so long as the economic indicators remain favorable.  In that regard, the sellers will enjoy a higher markup. Where the property is not within a prime location, the demand is lower and competition for buyers is high, the sellers cannot add a high markup as they are struggling to push the available buyers to make a purchase.


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