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Is it Worth Trying to Advertise my Home for Sale on My Own in Utah?

st george real estate

Are you looking to sell your home faster and at a good price? You may have considered putting up the advert “home for sale by owner”.

Advertising home for sale on your own in Utah may sound pretty cool. However, it is not the right approach. 

Instead, St. George real estate owners prefer hiring an experienced Utah real estate broker.  In this article, we evaluate some of the reasons to work with an experienced St. George Utah real estate broker. 

  1. Real Estate Brokers Understand the Process of Selling a Property 

If you are a new investor looking to sell the first house in the Saint George real estate market, chances are that you are not familiar with the process of selling a property. Hiring an experienced real estate broker could mean the difference. Consider that there are important decisions to make along the way, while you would want to avoid being caught off guard. In that regard, it is advisable you contact an experienced real estate broker to save you the experience of the somehow complicated selling process. 

2. Negotiation is an Art! Let the experts Do What They Do Best 

To sell your property at the market value you need proper negotiation skills. The negotiation process can be challenging especially for inexperienced property owners. Saint George Utah real estate brokers will help you through the negotiations. This ensures a faster closing of deals while it takes less hassle for the seller, and equally for the buyer. The real estate agent is articulate and objective during the negotiations, to ensure they earn a decent commission. Therefore, this is a very good approach when selling your investment. 

3. Real Estate Brokers Will Handle contracts and Paperwork on Behalf of the Seller

Real estate deals often involve huge amounts of paperwork detailing contract terms and conditions. Hiring an experienced real estate broker means you will not have to worry about the completeness of the paperwork. The real estate agent will get in touch with other relevant parties on your behalf. These include the legal officers and the house inspection team. Therefore, the seller has more time to concentrate on other equally important activities. 

4. The Broker is more Conversant to the St. George Utah Real Estate Market Trends

Real estate brokers have been in the market for a long time. This means that they are aware of the upcoming trends and can advise the seller on the right moves and current upgrades to ensure faster selling. 

Hire a real estate broker who is conversant with the current market trends. This guarantees the property owners an ability to sell the property quickly. Remember that in order to ensure better decisions, you need someone with proper knowledge of the market trends. Since property owners are less likely to be informed of the current market trends, it is advisable you hire a real estate broker. 

5. Take Advantage of the Existing Networks

Real estate brokers are also members of professional networks. Therefore, they share their listings with other experienced real estate agents. Therefore, working with a real estate agent increases the chances of reaching a wider network. The obvious advantage is that the property will be sold faster compared to advertising on your own. 

6. Leverage on the Real Estate Brokers Experience when it comes to Advertising Properties 

The truth is that real estate agents are experienced and understand the appropriate targeting methods when selling properties. Advertising your own property limits your options when it comes to finding a buyer faster and conveniently. 


Are you looking for the best approach to sell your home quickly? Talk to an experienced real estate broker for assistance. Qualified real estate brokers will list the property and advertise it widely through their already established networks. 

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