8 Tips To List Your House & Start Building Your Dream Home


This area is famous for its red rocks & the active outdoor lifestyle it harbors. Millions travel to come see Zion National Park, & many of the surrounding parks every year. Safe to say our Sunny St. George is thriving & more and more people are attracted to it all the time! 

 In this post, we feature eight important tricks to help you list your St. George property for sale. 

1. Involve a qualified real estate agent

When it comes to selling a home in St. George Utah, having a good real estate agent is a must-have. With a market that’s already pretty competitive, you’ll need an agent that knows how to target the market to aid you through the process.  

Why is an agent important? 

  • It’s all about the money: When it comes to selling a home, having any imperfections or small blunders to the property can result in a lower value in the property. A realtor has seen it all and is the best person to advise you through these kinds of projects. That way, you can fix up the property enough to get the most bang for your buck! 
  • A realtor pays attention to detail. I mean, it only makes sense, right? They deal with all the paperwork that you’re probably unfamiliar with on a daily basis & know what to look for, like signing construction agreements with the homebuilders, contracts & more. Having someone with a trained eye with such important documents is a huge asset & can save you a whole lot of heartache & stress in the long run. 
  • Connecting buyers to sellers: When you’re finally ready to put your house on the market after you’ve done all the repairs, your realtors probably already going to have a buyer lined up for you. They’ve got the know-how to attract your buyers before you’ve even finished the roofing! 

Are you constructing a new property for sale in St. George Utah? 

2. Budget Before You Build

Lack of enough funds is one of the leading factors why so many construction projects take longer to complete or end up not getting finished at all. To avoid delays caused by a lack of enough funding, you need to budget well.  

When budgeting for a new property, here are some tips to help you do it effectively: 

  • Use project budgeting specialists
  • Involve the stakeholders
  • Research cost of materials and estimated cost of labor
  • Budget for unexpected costs
  • Cross-reference costs with friends and colleagues who have completed similar projects recently 

It can be challenging embarking on a construction project without proper budgeting only to hit a financial deadlock. I’d highly recommend you talk to an experienced construction budgeting expert for tips on how to avoid having that experience.  

3. Research the current trends in St. George real estate

If you end up putting up a property that has outdated features, it is going to be harder to sell it. You’re going to need to consider current construction trends, even if you don’t care for them. Involving a qualified real estate agent will help you save your time too. They have a trained eye for this stuff & know-how what the markets looking for. 

4. Finding the right land to build on

Sadly, you can’t put up residential properties anywhere you want. The zoning laws guide property developers on what you can & can’t build where. A real estate agent understands the zoning laws and can help you find a suitable location for your project, which will also be eye-catching to the market & easier to find a future buyer. Just another reason why having a Realtor can save you some trouble! 

5. Get the necessary permits

If you don’t end up getting all the proper permits before starting your project, you’re going to land yourself into hot soup with the authorities. Make sure the designs and the structural plans are approved for the area you’re trying to build in because they can differ from one place to another. Getting a qualified consultant can help you in the compliance process, and just know Authorities will carry out periodic inspections to ensure the property developers complied. It’ll be helpful having someone to help you stay out of trouble. 

6. Hire a professional home builder

There are various reasons to hire a professional homebuilder, which include:

There are various reasons to hire a professional home builder, which include: 

  • Ensures timely project completion 
  • Guaranteed results 
  • Ensures project stays within budget 
  • Sort legal issues & paperwork 

7. Sign a contract agreement with the home builders

There are various reasons to hire a professional home builder, which include: 

  • Ensures timely project completion 
  • Guaranteed results 
  • Ensures project stays within budget 
  • Sort legal issues & paperwork 

8. Stay involved

With proper representation, you’ll receive timely project reports. Even if you’re busy with your daily schedule, having a consultant or an assistant to keep you updated on your project is a must-have. This way, your project will be completed without delays and within the budget! 

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