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After a long winter, the best thing to do is get outside and play! With all its wonderful sunshine, St. George is the perfect place for outdoor recreation. There are many hiking and biking trails all throughout the area, and golf is also extremely popular. However, there are some lesser known activities available in Southern Utah that can offer a little more adventure than a leisurely hike through a park. Here’s a list of our top five choices for summer fun and adventure!
Red Rock Wake Park
This park opened last year and offers skiing, wake boarding, and knee boarding. There are beginning and advanced cables available to match any skill level. This is the perfect place to experience water sports for those without access to a boat. They aren’t open for the season yet, but will be soon. Check out their website for updates!
Zip Line
After a short hike, strap in and fly! With one of Utah’s longest zip lines, you’ll ride 800 feet of awesome! There are two different tour options available that are both within the ability level of most people, but one is a little easier than the other. Get out of your comfort zone and experience the thrill of the ride!
There are many amazing canyons all throughout Southern Utah. Rivers and streams cut their way through the mountains, leaving areas that can be so narrow, a person can almost touch both sides with their arms outstretched. The best ones are some of the hardest to get to, and can require wading through waist-deep water, climbing, or rappelling. Experience the beauty of the canyons and the awesome adventure of getting there.
ATV and Off-Road Tours
This is one of the best ways to experience how scenically diverse Southern Utah is. Ranging from mountain forests to rolling sand dunes, the guides know all the best places, as well as the breathtaking, lesser known spots. The various tour companies will provide all the needed equipment. Check them out!
Air Adventures
There are many activities offered in the air around Southern Utah. Skydiving, paragliding, aerial helicopter tours, and powered parachutes can all be experienced. Feel the rush of the wind and the thrill of being above it all! The links below have information for the businesses that offer each service. Check them out!

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