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Mason Jars

You might not be the kind of person that hangs on to every little thing you have so that some day you might find a good use for it, but you probably know someone that does. There are probably uses for a lot of the things that you are keeping, so now is the time to get that project going and prove that keeping all those items were for a purpose. Here are some ways to prove that all that holding on to things was a good idea.
Mason Jars
You probably have some in your basement or pantry. If you aren’t a big canner of fruits or vegetables, those might be sitting empty on your shelves. If you take a little time, they can be a great way to hang and store items. With just a little adhesive you can attach them to the underside of a kitchen cabinet for extra storage. They can even add a touch of style to your kitchen.
Glass Bottles
If you have been holding on to those glass bottles of soda or mayonnaise, there are ways to use those as well. Make a project for your kids to hand paint them and you can use them as vases for an extra touch of hominess to a room. It will not only clear up space, but allow you to use them to add to the feel of your house.
Those magazines you read all the time can start to pile up really fast. As nice as it is to have something to read about your current favorite passion, they will eventually start collecting dust. Instead of letting them clutter up you house, make use of the pages and create a coaster out of them.
As your kids grow, they will outgrow dozens of T-shirts. You will probably have many T-Shirts that get ratty and tattered that you won’t want to keep around. A great way to repurpose those is to create a rug for your mud room or kid room.
Gift Wrap
Gift wrap is very useful for wrapping gifts, but when rolls are so long, you probably have lots of leftovers. A great way to reuse that is to put some wrapping paper on your serving dishes. You can place a little piece of wrapping paper on the plate to spice it up for a party.
People often have lots of leftover yarn from spools of thread they only needed a little of. A perfect way to decorate with yarn is to use it for a lampshade.
Leftover Toys
If your child has some leftover toy, and doesn’t want them anymore, instead of just donating them, how about painting them and using them as a book holder?
There is no need to waste all those things by just throwing them away and donating them. With just a little creativity and a little work, they can make your home a DIY paradise.

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