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So, are you ready to buy a home? It can be one of the biggest financial and life decisions you might ever make in your entire lifetime. Since this call is extremely critical, here are a few crucial things to keep in mind before buying your first home.

You will need a trusted realtor

We all know realtors get a share from the sale price of the homes for sale in Utah from both ends, which makes buyers resistant to using their services. But, a good realtor can be extremely helpful in identifying the best deals across your locality. You can discuss your needs, requirements, and budget with your agent, and he can look up for the best deals for you. Moreover, he can also help with the negotiation and documentation work, thereby simplifying the entire process for you. 

A house purchase involves a contract

When you purchase homes for sale in St George Utah, you will have to sign a lot of papers. Most of those papers might look like standard agreements that cannot be negotiated. But that is not true as you are not bound to sign the standard contract. You can take your time to review the documents or waive a radon test.

Think of your future life

For most people, buying a house is a one-time investment. If you agree on buying your to-be dream st George homes for sale, make sure it is compliant with your long-term plans. For example, if you are single now but planning to get married soon, make sure your house is big enough to have a separate room for kids, a couple of guest houses, and excellent kitchens and bathrooms. If you are planning to multiply your automobile arsenal in the upcoming five to seven years, purchase a home that has enough garage room.

Consider commitments

The rules applying when you purchase homes for sale in Saint George Utah as a single owner might not be the same when you get married. From how your assets are treated to how they will be distributed after divorce, a lot of changes when you get married. Therefore, think long term and make sure you have an exit plan if things do not go the way you plan after marriage. 

Factor in the costs

The chances are that you might not find a house in the perfect condition as you expected, and you may start fantasizing about what rooms and places to fix. However, the costs of these fixes can vary. Although cosmetic changes such as paints and wallpapers can be significantly inexpensive, modifying kitchens and bathrooms can be costly. Not that you should give up on a house that requires an update, but make sure you keep track of the required costs. 

Buy a house you can afford

This point might sound obvious but can get complicated, especially when your mortgage company comes into play. Sometimes, you might approve of a mortgage two to three times more than what you might end up spending. A few years later, your income is bound to increase, which means you will be able to make more payments. Several factors can affect your costing, including projected income, interest rates, type of mortgage, etc. 

Don’t consider the purchase price as the final price

The purchase price of new homes for sale in St George Utah is just a piece of the total cost associated with purchasing a house. Be sure to count on all the other expenses, such as insurance costs, homeowner association fees, taxes, etc. Moreover, improvements required in a property can significantly affect the purchase costs. Therefore, it is a good idea to consider the upkeep costs for swimming pools, heating systems, and exterior premises. 

Consider your student debt

Lending laws have tightened, and now, student lawn debt is not just an annoyance but similar to a real estate debt. Now, a borrower is charged two percent of the student loan irrespective of deferment status. 

Do not get tempted by the home mortgage interest deduction

Several taxpayers get carried away to spend more than what they can afford by thinking they will save a lot with home mortgage interest deduction. Keep in mind that this deduction is deductible only if you itemize on one-third of your taxpayer’s claim. 

Don’t rush into buying a house

There is no hard rule that you need to buy saint George homes for sale by the time you turn 25, 30, or 35. Purchasing a house is a critical decision, and it is not for everyone. Thus, consider the pros and cons of buying a house, along with your future plans and finances, and make a decision wisely.


Buying a house can be a great call, but it is a decision that should be taken with utmost precision. Pay attention to small details, and make sure you make a purchase only if you are in the position of doing so. Follow these tips to simplify your process of buying a house.

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